You only live once? you live everyday, you only die once.

2012 Halloween sucks to the max, I didn't have the mood to dress up
or update my latest artwork. As you know I'd never miss Halloween,
it's one of my favourite occasion of the year but for bitches it's that one day
 they could dress up as a slut & not get judge. Besides that, I simply adore the rain. 
Yes, some of you might not like it & it's a sensitive matter to the Americans at 
the moment. Well I can't do anything about it, I'm sorry but some people have 
to stop going rage through the Internet & get all sensitive. (dramatic much!)

My pets are afraid of the thunder, they reminds me of TED from the 
comedy movie about a Teddy bear, the thunder song rocks. 
Chowder is finally home, how could I stop loving my boy?. 
Few days ago, a reader sent an email asking me to blog about my room. 
There's nothing special about my room, my room is full with junks & boxes.

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