Whenever you're feeling down remember that you're the sperm that won.

Let's not worry about yesterday or tomorrow & survive today.
Recently there's too many blogger bragging & asking around for
sponsors to get fame. Almost everyday I came across desperate blogger
begging for sponsors & it annoys me. I've been asked if my blog
is being sponsored & how come I intend to show off new stuff
or product everyday. No, I'm not being sponsored & I'm not going
to be desperate about getting any. Blogging to me it's just for fun,
I do make money online but I don't always count on it.

My very first tattoo
I've always wanted one since 16 years old. Why faith?, 
I want it to be meaningful which I could remind myself
everyday because in life you have to have faith in everything you do.
Derek used to remind me almost everyday to have faith in myself,
my love ones & life. I'm so glad that my friends were there for me
when I told them I wanted to get a tattoo, it means a lot to me.
Does it hurt? a little bit but there's nothing I can't handle when it comes
to pain. On the other hand, thanks to Joshua the tattoo artist.