I hate it when I'm trying to be serious, but then I accidentally smile.

 Annyong haeseyo, Oh god I sounded like one of the KPOP crazy fans.
As I said before I'm only into BIGBANG because they are way too fantastic.
After I saw D-dragon one of a kind MV, I wanted to get the get out cap
& hoodie so badly. Therefore I waited for YG entertainment to release
his merchandise. I got way too excited when I found out that they are selling
phone cover. At that point without hesitation I purchased few merchandise
right away, surprisingly YG entertainment is friendly & I received my parcel
less than a week. However I did not purchase the cap because my birthday is 
coming & I wish my peers would get me the "GET OUT CAP".  
(I'm pretty sure my peers would get me more boring & yet unneeded stuff 
without any thoughts again) This is why I'm running away to Disneyland
on my brithday this year. 

Studded cap: Lah'Lah'Land | Shoes: Urban outfitter | Sunglass: KSUBI
Accessories: Diva, topshop & vintage.