So near but yet so far. (BIGBANG)

27th October 2012 I saw BIGBANG for the very first time live in
Malaysia. The moment the concert is about to start, the rain stopped.
I can't believe that I actually cried when I first saw TOP. (ridiculous bitch)
He cried when the VIP sang birthday song for him, cuteness (ovaries exploded)
So excited when I heard GD is going to perform one of a kind & crayon.
Besides that I was blown off when I heard knock out & high high by
GD & TOP. Of course I got upset cause I couldn't get VVIP tickets,
bloody sold out tickets but who knew I could still be so near to them.
Teydaddy a.k.a Taeyang is one sexay beast, overall the concert rocks.
Merchandise? t-shirt, wrist band, photo book, light stick, puppets,
sunny 10 & so much more. An old lady cursed me after the concert just
because she doesn't have the patient to walk because obviously 
she is standing my way, scolded her with harsh words. (slap in the face)
Top said he will remember every each of our face till we meet again.

Tips for attending concert: As you know, I've been to many concerts.
I usually laugh a lot at concerts when I see how people dress up, ridiculous!.
No matter how nice you dress up, the celebrities can't see it.

1) Never ever wear high heels unless its an opera show.
2) Wear something simple, nice & yet comfortable.
3)Waterproof make up, those thick make up is going to melt.