I'm feeling lazier than the guy who drew the Japanese flag.

First of all I can't wait for Chinese new year even though I'll be turning 20 years old.
Second of all, I'm exhausted to the max because I just got back from Singapore &
Johor. Not to mention how excited I was for BIGBANG concert. (getting annoying)
I've been travelling a lot lately around Malaysia just for fun, didn't notice
that Malaysia is actually beautiful & getting bloody warm. (the weather is killing me)
Finally received my parcel from Lah' Lah' Land, did an online shopping with them
just because I got so lazy to drive up to KL. Recently a friend asked me a question
that got me thinking a lot. He asked "why didn't the bad stuff break you yet?".
I didn't have the answer but then it got me thinking, maybe it's simply because
I believe there's a good side of the bad side. I believe in karma & I have faith that
things will be great again. Being weak is not an option, will never be an option.