I die a little inside when I see the word "explain" on a test.

Few people kept on asking about my new sexy Penelope the witch & therefore
I decided to blog about her. She's seven months old, coffee colour pussycat.
She is also a gift from someone great, never expected to receive her as
a gift. I have three adorable cats at home to juggle especially Perry,
my almost one year old cat. He gets very jealous whenever Penelope
is with me or in my room. Not to forget Perry is turning one year old this
coming 28th October, I sound like a scary crazy cat women.

Recently my laptop dropped a few time by accident & I got very upset
due the to the amount of damage it cost. How do I save money for iPhone5
when I need a new laptop as well. I hate it when my brother & mom wants
me to explain why I need new gadget.