One of a kind.

"Yes sir, I'm one of a kind"- G.DRAGON
I've always love studs, top to bottom. Recently I dyed my hair blue & mermaid
tears almost green colour. I love the colour but hate the fact that bleaching is
spoiling my hair. I've bleach my hair more than 8 times this year, poor hair.
Got back from London & I'm very thankful to Kelen for the surprise party.
I wish I could stay in England this year but I can't be selfish when my family
needs me at home. I'm not afraid or a shame to admit that I've grown stronger,
handling the bullshit people gave to me & my family which I can't ignore or put is aside.
Although I'm restless & there's never enough sleep.

Shirt: Topshop | Shoes: Office | Sunglass: Ksubi | Nail polish: Chanel 
Ear cuff: Topshop | Hair clip: Diva | Ring: Vintage