I was good at math before they decided to mix the alphabet in it.

Have you ever feel so stuck & you can't run away. The future scares me,
letting go isn't easy as it seem & maybe letting go of something is the best
decision a person could make. Sometimes we have to make space for the
goods, I'm looking forward a better life without a doubt it is not going to 
be easy but I'm willing to risk my education & career. I'm happy to be home,
I don't really fancy the situation my family is facing plus the violent 
characteristic I have develop through out the madness I've gone through.
Thank god my peers have been showering me with all the positive 
support, laughter & food. Some how they kinda fix me, some sort of
an escape from all my stress & tension. Enough about them. Recently one of
my instagram picture got chosen to be in Taylor swift official fan website.