Before YOLO, did you guys think you could live twice?.

2012 is going by so fast that we might miss a lot. First of all I've become
a freaky cat lady who wants to kidnap the neighbour cat just because the cat 
is big & fat. The cats from my neighbourhood comes over to my place everyday
for food, slutty kitties using me for food. Nevertheless my Perry is my priority even
now I have Tabi the little kitten who loves to attack my colourful toe nails.  Enough
about the cats, did a little shopping & visited Lah' lah' land. I was googling for
boylondon & fun skin socks where I end up on their website. Fell in love with the
shop & products. Was hoping to find more creeper shoes but sadly they don't
have any at that point. I love sunglasses, the bigger, the better. Got myself
Ksubi skeleton sunglass, saw Choi seung hyun a.k.a TOP from Bigbang wore it
on stage & as you know I'm a big fan of Ksubi. Recently I'm uber busy arranging
photo shoot, new portfolio in making & by September I'm off to England again.

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