I don't know how people get eaten by sharks, don't they hear the music?.

I have never thought that I'll be place into a position which require me to
make the hardest decision ever. So far my photography work has been good
& I look further to push myself ahead but nevertheless I have to choose between
staying in Malaysia & England. My head couldn't stop thinking & sleepless night
is killing my body. There's a reason why is it so hard to leave home right now &
to be bloody honest my heart is set on England because I've worked so hard.
I can't accept the idea of letting my dreams & opportunity go. It is absurd after
all the interviews I went through. I seek for advices & wise words but all couldn't 
pursuit me to make any decision until someone messaged me through Facebook
with a picture which only consist of fonts "The more you love your decisions, the less
you need others to love them". I smiled without making any sound, my decision
is going to be very selfish of me, I decided to fly back to England for my future sake.
I hope my family & friends respect my decision as I have reason for my action.
We have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete
happiness. Besides that, thanks to TVG cinema for the free movie tickets. finally
watched the amazing Spider-man & soon Batman. So envy of Emma Stone &
Andrew Garfield because they are the perfect couple. I love looking at them!.