Admit it, we've all tried to see if we have super powers at one point in our lives.

I've been away lately, did a quick vacation in Johor Bahru & Singapore.
My vacation isn't all fun cause I actually work through it as well.
I went around hunting for food & did a little bit of shopping.
Suddenly I've become addicted to cute stuff which makes me paranoid.
Recently I have a lot of appointments & meetings that I had to cancel last minute
due to personal reason which pisses off the studios. I can't promise my time
at the moment to anyone & I hate the fact that people like to make or arrange
last minute meeting. I'm very bad at meeting the date line right now, uber busy.
I've been listening to Maroon 5 latest album "OVEREXPOSED" & I totally
fell in love. Stay tune for my new photographs from the studio & my visit
to Universal Studios Singapore .

You bark too much.
There's no doubt that I've made a lot of wrong decisions & choices in the past.
My lifestyle has become a topic to certain people about smoking, drinking & drugs.
How much do you noisy ass know about my history? pretty much nothing but
thank you for paying attention & spreading dumb rumours. (hilarious)
What grinds my gear lately? having your friends to tell you that you're the reason 
why I started smoking or drinking pisses me off. First of all, nobody pass you a bottle 
of Jack Daniel or ask you to light up the cigarettes. I can't stand people who loves to point
 their fingers to others, you make your own choice so don't blame others.

Oh so you post on your Facebook about religion & god? that doesn't make you
a saint. Not just that, I laughed every time people try to act innocent & nice on 
the Internet when you know that person too well. Several times someone or friends
post something on Facebook & Twitter in direct about me. My advise is don't try so hard 
to make me hate you, it's entertaining rather than hate.