When I'm bored I send a text to a random number saying "I hid the body."

Without dreams there's no fun doing what you are doing on earth. 
I wouldn't be living the moment if I've lost myself before & I really wanted to 
blog about my good friend who I pampered a lot no matter how much ups & 
downs we've been through. I think most of you know him as one of Rejuvenate 
dance crew & of course I'm talking about Keat ping. Six to seven years being friends 
since high school, most of the time back when we used to go to school together we 
couldn't stop talking nor laughing. To be honest he is the only friend that I could be 
myself & share my achivements because I know that he wouldn't judge my insanity, 
he will try to understand & he is going through the same thing just in a different 
version. Nevertheless we often sit & talk about going big by doing something real. 
We all have dreams & people back then looked down upon us just because 
we don't appear to be somebody amazing or appealing. Today, we prove them all 
wrong & I'm proud of Keat ping even after so many things that didn't work out at 
first but he didn't give up. After eight months being away from Malaysia, we 
couldn't hangout as we often do anymore, it only makes our friendship so much 
stronger. When he gave me Rejuvenate varsity jacket with my name & birthday 
date on it, he has no idea how much I appreciate the thoughts & the gift. 
I would also like to thank all the nice gifts & thoughts from others.