When I see an argument on Facebook I sit there refreshing the page saying "Oh this is going to be good".

I guess this will be the last blog entry from Brighton. First of all I did not go blonde, 
it is a joke where I put on my wig after party with the girls. I'm leaving
Bellerbys residence soon & I will not deny about how much I
will miss my room. The fact that I had trouble with packing my stuff, pisses 
me off. Believe me or not I came to Brighton with two big luggage & one small
luggage but when I started packing few days ago my stuff couldn't fit
4 big boxes & 2 big luggage.(so screwed!) I wasn't so sad at first about 
living the art department, I think I regret coming to Bellerbys but if I 
didn't I wouldn't meet my friends & good teachers. It's a small art department 
& I feel sad when people start hugging & wishing me luck. 
(is like we are not going to meet again) I know a lot of friendly people &
I'm glad to have them around me. There's a lot of changes & challenges this 
pass 8 months, I had to deal with interviews & bad decisions. 
Nevertheless I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to go further, 
very thankful to my C.I.T teacher who helped me a lot through my portfolio
 & interviews. I really appreciate the support. One thing I'm very sure of is 
that I will miss the cafes where I always sit & drink my tea, hot 
chocolate or coffee. On the other side, I can't wait to see 
RJVN Keat Ping & the rest back at home. I feel like I'm missing a lot
& I couldn't describe  how much I miss laughing about inside 
jokes non stop. Don't forget about Perry the cat, I don't have 
to Skype with cat for few months. Kayu nasi kandar be ready!.

Studs shoes: Gucci. Indie sunglass: American Appeal. Bracelet: Topshop.
Shirt: Urban outfitter. Skirt: Topshop. Cosmetic: YSL & MAC.
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