Roses are blue, violets are unicorns. This doesn't make sense, refrigerator.

As you know Hello Kitty is a well known Japanese product.
They are kawaii & I'm not a big fan as I grow older. I use
to love Hello Kitty before I turn eight years old but lately 
there's many different types of skin care with kawaii packaging.
(the attraction, using super cute packaging)

Since many asian blogger talked about it, I decided to give
it a try. I can't believe I purchased super kawaii stuff &
I didn't like the facial wash but no doubt the face mask works
like any other face mask. It lightens up your skin & your skin feels
fresh after applying. (nothing special) I love strawberries but I rather eat 
than apply on my face, I find the product is more for young 
children or shall I shall young teen. Tumbs up for the face mask
flowery rose scent. Wanna give it a try? 
you can get them in Watson or Guardian.

Recently I've been very exhausted due to jet lag. I miss myself
with smooky eyes make up, back when I give 60% effort to look good.
I often appear lazy & grumpy because I don't smile or talk which makes
me look unfriendly & snobbish. I get that a lot! 
Nevertheless here's my light daily make up, I'm very afraid to apply heavy 
make up lately since my skin got really dry & it's not smooth anymore.

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