Oh that sounds a bit harsh, I better add a smiley face to that.

I'm finally done with college! HOORAY..
I'm not looking forward to leave my room or Brighton but on
the other hand, good bye annoying ridiculous neighbours.

I spent most of my time walking around taking pictures & eating
tasty food before leaving(talk about interest huh?). 
Besides that, Starbucks happy hour makes me go loco, 
half price for all the frappuccino I want. (heaven)
Due to my personal study for contextual art, I re-read beauty equation
book which is signed by Nigel Barker for the 5th time throughout 2011-12.
(talk about interest huh?) Finally got my own copy of The art of Tim Burton!.
Apparently I have more projects waiting for me, I will soon blog about it. 
I was confused & I thought it was a prank when a Russian journalist
 emailed me, I didn't know how to react. It's so funny & unbelievable.
Fingers cross, I hope everything goes well. 

The universe is laughing behind your back.
I'm not a big fan of rude people or people who intend to talk so much.
(I'm never rude but I get very irritating when I'm very happy) I don't mind 
if the person is funny or entertaining but not annoyingly selfish.
I know a lot of people & most of them is not even close to the word
smart & of course they always think/believe they are but
 that is not up to me to judge them & tell them to their face even it is true.
I finally I understand why people disappear from another person life,
sometimes is not about the person being a bad friend but the person
attitude towards life or another human being. I personally can't stand 
people who thinks their are too good for anything & I know I can't 
assume people by looking at their face but once they open their mouth
without stop talking about themselves you kinda get the whole picture.
Before I speak I always think about others feelings unless that person 
grinds my gear to the max but never intend to hurt someone else
by calling names or saying something nasty/mean. I dislike a lot of 
people & people know that but that doesn't give me the right to
insult them. "Being mad at others is like eating poison, you'll only harm 
yourself". -Buddha. I'm not a deep person & even if I am I will not try to be
such a smart ass who thinks I'm always right cause that is overrated.
I hate over thinking cause that is what ruined my relationships & works.
I can't imagine saying something that could ruined a person
believe or motivation, as I said before I'm not that low.
Try telling someone else how shitty they are when you are not
even near to any good, that is hilarious. Imagine someone else
tells you how shitty you are & you are not going to be more than a shit.
I strongly advice these people to mirror themselves, if you think
you are right then answer yourself 

-why do you even bother giving a damn about that other person when 
you can just walk off, are you that perfect? *applause if you are..

-why do your friends ignore you, they only find you after certain 
period of time & why don't you have friends?. 

-why bad things happen to you?.

Simple as it is, what ever you say to another person make sure
you've got your facts right because most of the time people only 
say nasty things about another person which only reflect themselves.
Learn the differences between giving an advice & being rude.
If I want to be a pirate & say or do what ever I want, 
I'll make more people cry. If I'm such a bad person I won't even
bother being nice to anyone but as I said I'm not that low or shallow 
minded. I don't see myself sad because everything that I wish & want
came true, I've been facing hate words since highschool & I'll do just fine.
(not proud of my past but without it there will be no a better me.)
Words are easy to give but you can never take it back but if 
you put in some action, I swear that person will have a chair 
high fiving the face too  =)