Moonwalking into jail because you‘re a smooth criminal.

It is time to share the good stuff, skin product is very important
but honestly most of us are just plain lazy. My favourite face mask
& body cream would be from LUSH. I like the word organic,
ever since I introduced Lush to my friends & family they have been
very satisfied. What are you waiting for? grab your bag & run
to the nearest store. Guilty for spending so much on skin care product 
but make sure to try the fresh food face mask "Love lettuce".

Time to give out the goods, I'm giving away 40 pairs of shoes.
Most of them are from Topshop, Zara, Charles & Keith, Converse, Nike & 
many more. I need more space for my new shoes & I won't be selling
my shoes because I'm giving it to charity. For a change I would like 
give others goods, so they can own nice stuff too.