If you watch mean girls backwards, its about a girl that got so unpopular, she moved to Africa.

Indeed Malaysia weather is killing me, god call in sick since the flight.
I dislike jet lag & haze. My life is getting better by day, I'm very grateful
for everything but still it's too hot in Malaysia. Before heading home,
I did my short vacation in England & of course I always shop the
unnecessary but that is not true cause I do need clothes & shoes.
Thanks to models own for the free nail polish, time to change nails colour.
Very grateful to have Kelen & Tom as my friend, such a sweet heart.
There's so much to do & so little time. Fingers cross if everything
goes well I will fly to California & then Thailand with Derek to visit his family.
(we are celebrating life, this year we achieve & develop so much as a person)
The plan doesn't stop there, maybe Morocco for winter photo shoot.

Let me help you get it straight to the point.
I think some people need to let go of the pass, I do not care but
if you want to piss me off then you should confront me directly but not
silly games, twitter or Facebook status cause it irritates me but nevertheless 
hilarious. It's not difficult to unfollow or unfriend but I didn't because I've 
got nothing to hide or remove from your life, you don't bother my life therefore you mean 
nothing to me & it is very entertaining to see how silly these people have become. 
If I remove you from Facebook, how on earth are you going to know & stalk
my life which gives you something to talk about?. At least I feed you with stories.
I'm not judging or giving negative comment about these people but 
I wish them the best with smiley face sticker. Don't you dare say I'm not friendly.