Typing "LOL" when your face shows less expression than a brick.

The weekend is all about me laying around, as usual I'll spend my morning
reading Topshop letter news & emails. After seeing Chanel's new collection
I couldn't breath & I need to remind myself about over spending.
I love Lavender, I always find myself at peace & over excited.
If you are visiting Brighton, do check out BLACKBIRD.
Lovely tea & cakes with good friendly service.
Don't forget to try Starbucks mocha cookie crumble!

I miss my cat Perry, if you follow me on Twitter you would have read
about my sick skinny kitten & now Perry is getting fatter. I love fat cat!
I can't help myself for loving animal too much, when I found out my cat suffer
from depression I gave my 100% effort to make sure my cat is healthy & happy.
I get very upset when my parents gave away my dog without even telling or asking. 
PS: I what's app my cat every week so he knows I love him. (weird owner)