People know how not normal my obsession can be.
I get very excited when it comes to BIGBANG especially Choi Seung Hyun
a.k.a TOP(stage name). He is the reason why my hair is blue which I already 
mention in the previous post. What is even exciting now?
BIGBANG FOR JUJU AIR! how amazing is that, I wanna be in Korea now.

I get questions like 
"Why do you even like BIGBANG? OR EWW KPOP WHY LIKE IT?".
First of all I do not like KPOP, I definitely do not enjoy other Korean
band or singer song except for BIGBANG because every each of them
has got story behind themselves being a group of 5. They actually understand
how entertainment is art, people grow in many ways such as dancer, actor,
photographer, fine art artist & in this case musician. Let not forget that most
people are just in it for fame. I'm not saying that the boys doesn't but they
actually make loads of good point during interviews about how they see
themselves as individual & group. I admire that spirit & hope.
How long have I been a VIP? for about four years.