I tried to kill a spider with hair spray, It's still alive but its hair looks amazing.

 Brighton fashion week is around the corner & not to forget about summer
photo shoot for HCC on the 25th May 2012. (Stay tune for the blog entry)
Uber busy with my personal social life & to maintain with my 
studies is another headache.  Hoping the pictures above will 
do the talking about my recent activity. 
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What do I do when my motivation to attend classes is ruined?.
I don't mind being asked to complete 5 assignments at the time if only the topic is
related to photography after the first & second semester. At least I get to work in the
dark room before university, I shan't complaint cause I really enjoy working on 
photographs. (the only thing I like in Bellerbys college)
I will post the pictures I took & developed by myself soon.