I hate it when I plan a conversation in my head & the other person doesn’t follow the script.

How do you spend your day?.
I'm a very lazy person, I rather take a long nap or lock myself in my bed
room at times but if the weather is treating me right I won't hesitate to go out
for a walk. I usually shop & run back to my small room cause I feel bad after
buying clothes, shoes & so on. I often visit the book store, not any book store
but comic book store nearby the Laine to check out amazing illustrations.
They sell amazing action figures & I love looking at Tim Burton's tragic toys.
What's next? I need to go to class, lazy mofo.

Sweet American pie!, we all grow up watching American pie.
If you don't then your whole teenager life is ruined.
I think the film make a big impact on teenagers. (in a bad way?)
Without even knowing, one of the actor from American pie follows 
me on Twitter for about a year now, I can't believe that I didn't notice it before.