I hate it when I call Lady gaga to hangout & she's busy.

When the sun comes out everyone runs to the beach.
Well I think I'm very lucky, I'm always at the right place at the right time.
How's my weekend? it's fantastic baby! Yes people has been asking me
about my study cause it seems that I'm having fun all the time in England.
Oh well there's nothing much to do in college right now & as I said before 
I do not enjoy decorating my college for Mayball which is on 1st of June.
I figure life is too short to be stressed all the time & therefore I got myself a 
nice shower gel from Papillon, cocktails at the beach with my new 
sun glass from H&M, had Thai food for dinner & bubble tea 
for dessert from Pearls. YUCKS!

Can I hear "woot woot!"
I can never miss any America's next top model season,
I learn so much & I enjoy watching the photo shoot.
Well recently Laura LaFrate from cycle 18 followed me
on Twitter. She is drop dead gorgeous, I fell in love with her look 
& personality. Besides that, if you read my previous post from 2010
you would know that I met Nigel Barker in person.
He also follows me on Twitter, we did tweet each other & this
year he retweeted our picture from 2010.