Hooray MAY!

2 days pictures from Instagram, I think I found a way to make myself very happy.
I finally understand how myself works, enough about my deep thoughts.
Believe it or not that I'll be leaving Brighton in 46 days, I will be in Farnham
for 3 years. If you follow me on twitter, you might have read about 
my interviews & getting to university. I'm not wasting time or money,
I'm actually enjoying Brighton for now. (not the rainy days)
I learn to be very independent in so many ways, so eager to live in another country
& so alone. I left my family to study & do what I love the most.

10552 KM, 6557 miles or 5698 nautical miles away from home & 
I manage to get things right except for my relationships. (distance is 
a problem but everyone sees things differently & therefore in my
case everything is just ridiculous.)  I remember the people who once told 
me that I plan too much & I wont get there or blah blah blah. Guess what?
 I got there & still going further. Self motivation to the max!. 

To be honest I can't wait to come back home & play PS3 with my brother.
In fact he wants to fly to England to pick me up at the end of the semester.
Last month I received a question on Tumblr which I didn't want to reply
& I cant cause I don't want to annoy my followers but I'll answer here.

Who do you communicate the most at the moment?: 
My brother & Alyona. (does my cat Perry count?)

PS: I'm really proud of Keat Ping & RVJN (google/youtube RJVN now!)