Everything would be easier if we could google how a certain person felt about us.

Hello summer!, I spent so much money on ice coffee & cocktails lately 
due to the warm weather. 20 more days to go & I'll be leaving Brighton.
I wish I could post & leak more sneak photographs from the photo shoot
but I'm not allowed to at the moment. 

Saturday's talk, I finally watched The dictator & Men in black III.
Spent my whole Saturday with Alyona at the seaside, eating pizza.
We both sat at OHSO for cider & beer. Not to forget that we enjoy the music!.
After chilling at OHSO we decided to go to Naklh for shisha & then we head
to Madame Geisha which is a Japanese like club.

I've been thinking a lot about respect lately, 
There's a few situations that bothers me lately (grins my gear)
First of all human often say things without thinking, it's true that everyone is
entitled to their own opinions but not everything should be mention. 
There are things that should stay unspoken, why must we post about
another person look & insult them online? does it make you any prettier or
smarter? if you think so then I feel sorry for you. I dislike cyberbullying,
every time I go on Facebook. Tumblr, Twitter or reading blogs
there is always judgemental person trying to prove a point which doesn't
make any sense & especially for a guy to insult a girl online. Don't you
forget that your mom is a girl/woman too & she gave birth to you. Do you like it
if someone call your mother or daughter ugly, cheap, prostitute & so on?
Be a gentlemen not a bitch, even women doesn't gossip as much
 as men anymore. (the saddest of all is that we all have this type of people
living in our life) Even if you don't like the person, you have
 to respect the fact that their are still humans with feelings & nobody is 
perfect. Therefore there is no need to throw nasty words online especially 
on Facebook, learn to mirror yourself. To earn respect you have to give respect. 

Second of all the above, co-worker.
Despite the idea of working with your friend, there's boundary where
a person have to forget about friendship & focus on the work but the respect
must be there. I take my work seriously, my timing & ideas. (dislike malfunction)
I would love if the person appreciate my effort & respect my work.
I never demand anything but respect. I get irritated when a nobody
boss me around without giving me any good benefit or paying me.
Bad enough the system is very unprofessional, being rude to me just
made it worst but nevertheless I cope with every situation & made
the bad looks good. (indeed I'll be in trouble after this post)

After four years blogging, I would like to thank my readers, 
I never thought that my blog will ever be read by many 
people from 18 different countries. 
(at least people around the world know I exist)