The awkward moment when you walk into a closet and you don't end up in Narnia.

 Hooray for the weekend sun, I'm getting tan/darker & this is not good.
As usual I can't deny about my shopping habits, so in love with my 
new pajamas. I will have problem packing my stuff in June but
I'm very excited about Hong Kong. After all this years I'm returning
to Hong Kong for more, shopping & Disneyland. I can never get tired
of Disneyland even though I have lack of tolerance with children.
I remember myself running around Paris & HK Disneyland, good times.

I doubt about Great escape music festival in Brighton but when
I check it out for myself, I automatically purchased the ticket & enjoy good music.
It's not about who but the music itself, I have to remind myself all the time.
What's next? Lovebox!.

Another drama from sad gits, exhale.
I'm fine with other people opinion, I respect but doesn't mean I have
to follow & believe it. I'm entitle to my own belief & you can't 
change or tell others what to do. I'm laughing because it's funny,
I'm never rude & I don't pity myself. FYI I never pity myself,
 I need myself to go the distance & fight for what I want/believe. 
Every misunderstanding story humour me, hilarious how we human
spend so much time thinking about matter that we shouldn't even give a damn.
I suggest you don't try so hard to figure me out cause you are not 
a mind reader & so am I. (deal!)