My wallet is like an onion. When I open it, I cry.

 What's new? everything, I'm still alive living in that good life.
Obviously I'm a Topshop fan, top to bottom & I often over spent.
Recently they reopen Topshop in Midvalley, went there to it checkout.
Although I knew & saw the latest collection back in England
I still insist to shop, finally Malaysia Topshop is offering 
Personal stylist/shopper. "What is that?"
someone to assist you with the latest trend/collection. 

Topshop promotion: spend RM 250+ & you'll get a cute film camera.
Well you can only use the camera once but it's a good deal.
(you have to be a member of fast fashion forward)

Nail polish: cosmic.
Clutch: Galaxy Marc Jacobs.
Perfume: Katy Perry. (sweet)

What is my next move? I'm leaving Malaysia again for 2 months.
I'm really excited to attend Brighton fashion show in June.
Apparently I'm not so happy about packing my stuff/luggage
& 13 hours flight isn't pleasing at all.