Instagram & a little message.

Back in England!.
The only thing that I hate about being in England is being far away from 
my siblings. I'm really happy to be back in Brighton cause this is my own
space. I don't fancy the idea of missing my friends cause I don't see the point
of appreciating them, no offence but I'm really excited to see my friends
in Brighton rather than back at home. Let's say everyone is a disappointment
cause I'm willing to give so much, scarifies & all I get is an insult with mistreats.
I need to set myself straight as a person, I'm not snobbish nor arrogant but
I can't stand being around people who only appreciate my money. Is it wrong 
to stand for myself by saying no or cutting these people from my life?.
The only person I trust stabbed me in the back, do I still need to mention
names? I guess not cause I believe these people is a waste of my time.
Therefore please tell yourself not to fake yourself or force yourself to
be my friend cause no one asked you to do so. I'm pretty much alive 
without any of your help, my success so far has got nothing to do with
your support. I understand how people change but that is not an excuse
cause I'm so far away but I put my afford to be a good friend & I never
ask for a return. I did support & try to make conversation even 
I don't have the time. I shan't elaborate this matter any further 
because we are old enough to understand & you will not 
change or listen(that is for sure). My gift means so much from me 
& if it means nothing to you then throw or give it away.

What am I up to now? May ball..
The most boring & yet painful project of all.
As an art student, my group will have to design/decorate the
hall for Bellerbys college. This is a part of our assignment, there's
no escape or running.

What is the theme? Fairy tales.
I wish the theme could be something more exciting but I guess not.
I shouldn't complaint cause I'm not going anyway.