Questions & Answers

I want to thank my readers and thank you again for sending me emails asking questions about the props I'm using. I can't answer all of them one by one but I'm going to blog/post my answer.

One of the photo shoot on Halloween night: Zombie night out I used food & colouring for zombie dead skin. It was a last minute idea therefore i did not have time to buy some rubber flesh. Usually I'll use rubber for pealing effect but it takes time cause i want them to look real.

What camera I'm using/which is my favorite camera?
I've got loads of cameras & if i have to choose one i would say Canon G11 cause it's not heavy.

Why do you always shoot the same person?
Well, She's my sister & she wants pictures for her blog/Facebook. The work starts there

Where and how did you learn art/taking photographs?
I did not take class for photograph but drawing & painting. I have a friend name Mina rosli who taught me some tricks, she's younger than me but yet very talented.I start progressing by ready magazine. Everything started at home.

Any inspirations/where did you get ideas?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Most of the time I'm inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, Anna szczekutowicz & many more.