Maybe attention would be nice for once.

My precious laptop is in the middle of crisis, a medical problem.
I'm not always lucky, i find myself chaos and broken but we don't have to show emotion.
I've been good, I've listen , I've learn, I gave you A's and I stayed home taking care of your children.
For goodness sake, for once treat me as if i do exist.
You forgot about my food, my needs and you often judge my decision.
You abandon me, you treat me as if I'm an idiot and i have to play along and let you win in every matter.
God damn it, don't lie to me! I'm not sixth anymore.
It's bad enough, you forgot my birthday. Do you appreciate me?
Maybe 16 years it's a burden and wasted.

Wish list end up to another person hand
  1. Car
  2. New camera
  3. New laptop( emergency)
  4. Birthday cake