have she lost it?

I've died and all left is anger i can not control.
I wanted to rest and i lost control of nature balance.
Into the night, I'm desperate and broken. My eyes open every night, stares and imagination scares me.
How depress to see others sleeping, dreaming and they live life with balance even it's imperfect.
My heart wanted to help my conscious but my mind telling me to fall and stay on the ground.
I'm so lost, I'm walking but is walking enough? Everyone let ego conquer all and emotion is another poison.
I don't know what it takes to move on nor hold on.
I'm exhausted and my condition right now doesn't allow me to sit on track.
Indeed, I'm not aware of mind sabotage especially I'm creating it myself.


My Facebook is dead, I'm not interested with all social network.
Times to come, I have to be the person who actually succeed.
How nice if my life is just eating spaghetti and smelling flowers