Paramore 19.10.2010

It's amazing, after so long waiting for Paramore to come to Malaysia.
If you were near to the stage, you might have spotted me.
Despite some fights during concert and issues, 
I'm happy that they played all the song i wanted to hear them play.
The rock zone was pack and wet due to sweat.
F.Y.I some bitch push me and grab the drum stick. I'm seriously pissed!

Note to others: If you want to stand and rock, You have to accept the facts that people will push you and you can't blame others. For goodness sake, ladies...
Tie up your fucking hair, this is Malaysia. Malaysia is not a cold country to rock like the Americans. I don't mind if your hair is silky and soft but god knows how it smells and messy. You people ruined the rock ass mood!