inner colour,

Well, My Internet social prove a lot of facts and it's bullshit.
I meant it, why people nowadays wants to be famous?
I come across a lot of blog,fan page,twitter and Myspace creating
a living monster full with hypocrite and lies. There's millions of
wannabe and for god sake girls, you're beautiful and it's okay if
you're not famous. When you say you want to be somebody, open your eyes...
You are somebody is just a matter of facts that your personality
or appearance is different. Everyone is golden, it's how you value yourself.
I'm sick of girls adding my page and pretending to be something your not.
Don't tell me that i don't know you, I've met you people before that's why we became friends. Ask yourself, do you feel sick when other people you know pretend to be something their not? It's annoying and over rated.

I've got some question from some friends. Well, I'm not a fake,
It's true i look better in pictures. I put on heavy eyeliner to cover my eyes lit,
my eye lit aren't balance at times due to lack of rest.
I got the idea from Taylor Momsen, I don't put black eyes shadow because 
I'm not good at applying it. So eyeliner is a winner and i dint lie 
about my photoshop. I use only Photoscape, I know...
I'm outdated, laughter right? so stop calling me knowledge cheap and liar.

I'm not having a good time right now, I jungle with exams,social life and personal life. It seems that every person i care about is hurting and for the worse they leave me be and god put an end to their life or their loves one. If i could help, I would help my friends but death isn't flexible. 

YEAH, Hallowen is coming. Zombies out!