The month

I've been uber busy this week, I've exams and I'm feeling exhausted all the time due to lack of sleep. You see, I complained a lot about lack of sleep is because i can only study at night, That's the only time i can remember all those History and shits.
I had to admit, Maths is not my bestfriend. No matter how long or commit i study them, I can never get C or B. I'm kinda addicted to XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.
I bought a lot of new game to relax after this exam and did i mention about my cousin wedding? I still got nothing to wear and my mom doesn't give a fuck yet. Oh well, off to the study table.

After Maths and History paper, I can at least have a peace of my mind a little.
I got Rm100 voucher to spend at Topshop, All this exam keeps my hungry =(