This few days sitting in the room remind me of Paris.
When i was in Paris, I met a number of homeless people. I was in train at the Metro and i start waving without thinking reputation. To be honest, They're friendly and nice but the local treat them like shit. I hate men who tease the poor, Sometime this people doesn't have choice. Not everyone has luck on their side. As i said, Life is a game played by God.
I remembered feeling of exhausted during the evening in Paris after Disneyland. I just wanted to lay on the road side or finger snap myself to the hotel room(As if it works!)
I was walking through the gate and place my ticket into the machine to take the train and the machine printed time and date on my ticket but it wouldn't let me walk in. A group of young teen around my age jumped off the metal gate but one of the boy stared at me as if I'm a bloody China bastard. He came back and let me in, he opened the metal gate and asked me to rush in. I guess i misunderstood his stare, may god bless him.
People couldn't understand me because i mumble a lot.