For eyes only

I swore to be independent. I'm always in the dark, nothing could compare to the dark. I'm a black sheep in the society, falling apart is something entertaining to others. I despite love although i always got caught at the middle of it, I hate how it starts or ends. I decide a lot of things on my own and most of it turn right. Once upon a time, Somebody told me about a person with a "thick skin". It's embarrassing to be label as one thou people with thick skin find their theory of living is better and secure. I find the opposite sex is attractive but no thanks. Don't get me wrong, It's fun to have friends who care and cheer your bad day or knock your bed room door cause you ain't getting up to fuck life.

The person who gain my trust after years finally left me.Falling for a person is a physiologically sick as a dog. Anyway i got myself busy with male models. Feast your eyes on the male model, i find them lovely...

It's true, I want to shake hands with Karl Lagerfeld and Harry shum Jr