About me.

What you see on this blog is part of me but
more of a character,I blog about my interest.

Who are you? I'm a freelance photographer who is majoring in photography in England from Malaysia. My photographs got into few magazines & online galleries in Nigeria, Russia, England & recently Korea. However I often blog about my lovely stuff so that when I get older I could look back at all the cool stuff I used to own.

How old are you? I was born in 1993.

What age you started blogging? I was fourteen,
It was more on Internet diary about school & social life.

How many camera do you have? I collect a lot types of cameras & my guess it should be more than 20 now. Check it out, Click here!

What's your most favorite song? Someday by Float fall.

Places you've visit: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris & England.

Who design your blog? I designed my own blog/web. I spend a lot of time in-front my laptop & I learn html code all by myself through internet. However my latest web skin is from Blogger. 

You can also check out my other blog on Tumblr

I have question? Just drop me more question.