Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated,
awed yet attracted the powerful. A personal feeling of being 
overwhelmed & inspired featuring Daphne Charice.



Things I need to remember.

1. Your self worth is not measured by the way your parents treat you.

2. You're gonna be out of this soon, just be patient.

3. Don't do anything if you feel pressured into doing it.

4. Friends that tell you to "get over it" aren't real friends.

5. Get rid of the people in your life that make you feel bad.

6. You are not the number of notes in your selfie or your number of followers.

7. You don't need to make anyone proud, only yourself.

8. It's okay to take a sick day every once in a while, just don't make a habit of it.

9. You can run away from your problems sometimes.

10. Being comfortable with the things you're doing plays a big role on your way to happiness.

11. Your jean size is not important, your heart size is.

12. It's okay to build up walls sometimes.

13. Buy yourself that burger, you never know which one will be your last.

14. Take care of your body, remember to drink water.

15. Don't do anything if you're going to feel bad about it later.

16. One day, you'll find somebody that will love your imperfections.

17. Put makeup on if you feel like it. No one should be able to tell you what you can & cannot put on your face.

18. Be there for people, but be there for yourself first.

19.Your health is more important than that test.

20. Be loved. If not by other people, then by yourself.

Till then, stay gold!


Make a detox water!

The problem with most people is that we don't drink enough water
through out the day. Every time I order drinks or food, I tend not to
finish it. Somehow I forgot to drink or no desire to drink up my water.
One of the main reason why we often feel unwell, restless & hungry.
Ever since I lost my appetite, I challenge myself to drink at least 4-6 
bottles of water per day. Did you know by putting Lemon, Lime,
Strawberry, Cucumber & Mint leafs you could add vitamins in your
water? This also act as detox drinks!

Lemon: Source of Vitamin A & C

Strawberry: Contain 97% of Vitamin C

Lime: Contain 48% of Vitamin C

Cucumber: Source of Vitamin B

Mint: Promotes digestion. 

Girls, what if I would to tell you that detox water could help you
burn calories & lose weight? You don't have to drink plain water.
In fact, there are number of things that you can add to your water
that will not only boost the taste, they will help you to flush those
harmful toxins out of your body. 

Till then, stay gold!


10 things I'm going to remind myself everyday.

1. Destroy the picture in your head of how you think its all supposed to be.
That picture is an illusion. Listen to me, there is no such thing as the best.
There is no such thing as a right way to live, it's an ideal. You have to execute
the model of utopia that you have created in your mind, because how do you
expect yourself to live up to an imagined place where everything is perfect?
You do not want to set yourself up for failure. There is not a right way to live
& there will never be a right way to live. Once you destroy that illusion of the
perfect way to live, you will be much happier.

2. You were born with the ability to say 'yes' to things, which means you were 
also born with the ability to say 'no'. Remind yourself this.

3. There will be times when nothing about yourself makes sense. We're all strangers
to ourselves. There are times when it is okay to question everything about our life
because we are constantly changing. Instead of letting these times breed into loneliness,
give yourself the ability to let these times provide you with strength.

4. It will always be okay to love yourself, never let anyone tell you differently.

5. Just because other people may have it worse, doesn't mean your problems are not
valid. You are allowed to be upset, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

6. You are not weird, I promise.

7. People might tell you your love for cars or for a celebrity or for a certain song is
a phase. They will probably be right. But it is important to find the things that bring 
you joy & to become enthusiast about everything you love. If you are interested in
something, love with everything you have. Love things passionately & wholeheartedly.
Don't compromise your love for something because of what other people say. If it makes
you happy, embrace it with open arms.

8. There's no such thing as a good side. You will find someone that doesn't want clean cut,
someone that wants the misfits such as the bad tattoos, regretful smiles, tattered shoes &
fading blue hair. Someone who wants the sick & twisted backstories; the bloody hangnail,
the extra shot of tequila & the dirty guitar pounding out if a back alley club; the broken
hearts, the lives going nowhere & the lost eyes. People are full of imperfections which
end up turning into such interesting photographs.

9. When people sense that they are being heard, they will always give you something
worth hearing. Anytime you talk to anyone about something that they love, they're
 their most beautiful. Never put someone down while they're telling you about something
they love. It's a really cool gift to get to talk to people about that.

10. I want you to choose someone that fills you with light. Be with someone that makes
you laugh. Be with someone who falls in love with the way your nose is a little crooked
at the end. I hope that in your lover's arms you feel safe, you feel at home. One day,
you will be with someone who will reminds you that home is not a place, but that home
is a feeling. Most importantly, I hope that your first love is yourself.

Till then, stay gold!


Benefits of drinking lemon water!

Hello there, I never liked Sundays but recently I get excited for Saturdays,
only because my friends & myself would have Pilates session together. 
Believe me that I'm trying to boost for energy & stamina. I've been reading
articles about health & I've consult a health consulter because the way we
love ourselves sets the example for how everyone else will love you. Right
now, I need to learn to appreciate & love myself. Nutrient my body right 
& get healthy. Let me share some life hacks with you!

Benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

1. Gives you an alkaline start to your day by balancing your PH levels.

2. Aids in digestion by flushing out unwanted toxins in the body.

3. Boost immune system with its high level of vitamin C, potassium
& saponins. 

4. Skin healing! It combats free radical while the the vitamin C  & antioxidants
fight wrinkles & blemishes.

5. Mood energiser! Lemon contains negative charged ions which gives your
body energy when entering digestive tract. Plus the smell is uplifting.

6. Aids in weight loss with its high levels of pectin fiber which fight off 
hunger cravings.

7. Promotes heal thing with its multiple anti-inflammatory properties. 

Till then, stay gold!


Little paws.

Hello there! if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that 
I have kittens. Baby Ash & Kitty have babies now! The kittens
are only a week old. Look at how adorable they are & no, they
do not have names yet. Sadly the grey kitten doesn't really like 
me. #catladyproblem 

Till then, stay gold!


Quick bites.

We have to admit that eating clean for a healthy diet is tough.
I've always ended up with "fuck it!" attitude & obviously fail eating
clean. Besides that, I find that it is hard to cut my cravings. I often 
annoyed my friends by wanting to eat everything & not finishing. 
Ever since I start committing to Pilates, I decided to cut rice & noodles.
I'm very aware with my food proportion & I want to keep it up.
In within 14 days, I've lost 3-4 inches around my stomach. I get how
hard it is not to eat pizza, rice, cupcakes & the craving list goes on but 
here's my trick. I eat crackers once in a week, notice there's bacon 
& pretzel? Yeap, guilty! When everything is tiny, it looks many & 
therefore I've tricked myself to thinking that there's a lot of food
to fill my hunger. I can't follow those strict eat clean program, I would
go insane. On my crackers, I try to keep it healthy except for Nutella,
a slice of bacon & one tiny pretzel. I know, bacon is not healthy but
that's how I end my cravings with bite size crackers. Try to prepare it
yourself, it's so much fun & by the time it's ready to be eaten, you are
not that hungry as you thought. I don't know about you but I can't finish
what I cook, same goes to my mom. This is why I seldom cook at home.

Till then, stay gold!


Updated room tour.

I'm still not finish or happy with my room, there's so many things
I want but it would't fit. However, if you have been following my
blog for quite some time, you would notice there's a slight changes.
Click here to view my room back then! 

Trying to get that gold status.
I got so caught up with my surrounding dramas that I forgot to relax 
& be adventurous. I worry to much & worrying gets me nowhere.
Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality
the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, accept &
learn from it. I guess ageing stressed me out enough. I started doing 
Pilates, right away as soon as I started Pilates about 1 to 2 weeks 
into it, I could tell that my clothes were already fitting differently.
I felt stronger than ever, my core felt tighter. Once I replace negative
thoughts with positive ones, I start having positive results.
Cheers to a great start!

Till then, stay gold!



Lately I've been feeling like there's so much noise, you know?
So much static. All these voices competing for attention. I feel
like I can't hear myself think. I just want to get in bed & sleep.

Dress: Topshop | Cardigan: Factorie | Bag: Mac Jacobs | Tattoo: Factorie
Pug case: H&M | Candle: Summer wish by Yankee.

Till then, stay gold!


Whatever is good for your soul, do that.

You will get to a certain point in your lives. You get older, you know.
You may have read about it or heard about it. Some people don't age 
well, some didn't get the chance to age at all. At some point, we would
be mumbling rubbish, getting closer to the grave but that's not the way
we should age. You should be alive as you can until you're totally dead.
Be better, get wiser with no regrets. In all respects, in every sphere.

Candle: Typo | Test tube: Typo | iPhone cover: | Typo

Till then, stay gold!


Really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000.

Grow with me.

1. Sleep earlier, rise earlier. Get off your phone, set a time & create a habit.

2. Read more & not just shitty magazines. Read classics, newspaper, fictional
books & so on. Just read!

3. Stay away from people who do not deserve you, you are worth a lot more.
Fuck their shitty opinions.

4. Eat well & I don't mean diet. I mean, eat healthy, indulge every once in a while,
don't go overboard. Eat for your health & not for society.

5. Create a plan that will be enjoyable for exercise & just do it. No fucking around
this year.

6. Pamper yourself, give yourself one hour. One hour a week to unwind. To wash 
your hair, leave in your conditioner, soak your skin, have a face mask, light some
candles, drink some tea, put on nice smelling lotion and comfy pyjamas, put on
some nice music & sleep well.

7. Put in an effort, doing your hair nicely. Putting on that clean change of clothes &
a simple coat of mascara has a lot of power to make you feel a hell of a lot better.

8. Learn new vocabulary because why the fuck not? write down your new words that
you learn while reading, use them in conversations; expand your vocabulary.

9. Plan an outing once a week, have something to look forward to. Be excited to
experience new things.

10. Set small goals. 3 small things to do everyday & don't sleep till you have them done.
3x365 knowledgeable achievements will be worth it.

11. Meet new people, don't be so quick to judge.

12. Love yourself, I'm still trying to figure this one out. 
I'm beginning to feel like I am worth it.

13. Art, practice make perfects. Work & when you can't work, learn. Discover artists
& their pieces. Their inspirations, their style, go on & document it. There is always 
something to do to improve, whether it be through practice or research.

14. "Stick to these goals, for a better year & a better you!" - me to myself.

Till then, stay gold.